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Having gotten into brewing my own beer in the past year I�d grown quite sick of having to bottle it all because of the time it requires to do it. Hanging out in the Northern Brewer forums I was amazed at some of the cool kegerators that the forum members had built themselves. The best […]

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Pete -

Looks awesome Scott. Very nice job!

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[…] We had three beers on tap at the Haraldson Family Brewpub and plenty of good food to go around. Click next page for the rest of the photos. […]

Brooks Blakey -

How long did this project take?

scott -

This took me about three months to finish. Most of that time was waiting for the faucets to come back into stock. Depending on your free time if you were industrious you could have this done in a few weeks.

Brooks Blakey -

How does the freezer stay attached to the bottom collar? Is there an L joint screwed in that keeps it in place?

Kegerator that I just built - Keg Beer Dispensing Discussion Forum - Kegerator -

[…] ebay for twenty bucks. I did not document my plans…but my setup is very similiar to this build: the haraldsons ? Build your own bar with kegerator Pretty much the only difference is i painted mine with a high gloss, and this guy stained his. It […]

trav -

awesome job! maybe I missed the explanation somewhere, but how are you accessing the kegs? does the entire top lift off?

Karl -

Nice job, very clean. I saw your pick in a catalog/magazine(???) and noted to my wife that all the guests looked the same.

Justin Blackburn -

Does the freezer not keep the beer too cold?

How To Build A Bar With Built In Kegerator | How Tip Great -

[…] Build your own bar with kegerator » the … – Having gotten into brewing my own beer in the past year I d grown quite sick of having to bottle it all because of the time it requires to do it. […]

It’s been awhile since I added a new bike to the stable, let alone a knobby tired one. I wasn’t really planning on it but a few things fell into place and the next you know I was putting together the pieces needed to build up a complete bike. The company is On-One a British […]

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Brian -

where is the ball gag?

gerg -

that is one nice ride.

care to share any tips for how you get such nice photos of the bikes and/or what you do with photoshop to make them look so nice?

scott -

Well sure Gerg. First off I use a d-slr camera so I have a bit more control over my settings than a regular point and shoot camera but even with a point and shoot camera you should be able to get nice images as well.

I try to avoid having to use the flash, especially when working with an item like a bicycle where the flash can be reflected on the parts. Sure you can use a softbox or other purposes to remove this harsh light but for our purposes try to pick a time of the day where the light is more even.

Once you’ve taken your fantastic shots, remember get down get up find a new angle to make a fresher photo, import them onto your computer and fire up your Adobe Photoshop.

In Photoshop I use a variety of different tools to tweak my images. Mainly I usually start by doing some of the auto adjustments to see what they get me. Auto Contrast, Auto Levels, Auto Color, if any of these are not pleasing just back up a step.

After that if the photo still needs more I usually end up playing with the levels tool, dodging tool (usually set for highlights), the history brush, the auto highlights/shadows adjustment, color balance, etc.

Of course I just love little borders so I usually will run a quick action that I have saved that will first add a small white frame (image>adjust>canvas size) and then the same steps for the black frame.

Save for the web and whala!

Danilla -

when do we see the 10′ drop shots?

Jackrabbit Slim -

So have you jumped any fire with that thing yet?

Till my next comment?

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gerg -


gerg -

now i should be able to comment without needing approval

gerg -

how long ’til your next comment?

well… seeing as my previous comment shows up as being posted today at 3:22 and it’s only 2:55 right now… i’d say before you know it.

V14gra -

Do you need V14gra? Go to to order some good shit. Just messing around. I like commenting.