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Last night while Laura and I were out of the house for a meeting our mischief maker Lucy was able to get into the room we’ve been storing the food for our new puppy. Well she seemed to help herself to as much as she could handle because when we got home her stomache looked […]

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Laura -

Two hours and $200 later …

Well worth the experience, though. We’re definitely looking more seriously into pet insurance. And like I told Scott, just an average night if we had kids … unexpected late-night trip to Urgent Care.

can’t wait. ;op

katie -

oh poor doggie! hope she gets better soon. scary for you two as well!

Laura -


Calvin was a good boy, sleeping in his kennel both while the mischief was ensuing and when we returned with his older sister, who was so fat she couldn’t even curl up into her normal ball to sleep.

Introducing Calvin! Calvin is a weimaraner lab mix and we adopted him from Saint Francis of Assissi Animal Shelter . We’re slowing introducing Lucy and him together and so far it seems to be going well. More photos and updates to come!

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samh -

Hello, Steve…er I mean, Calvin. You’re quite the handsome little devil.

Pete -

Such a good looking pup!

Becca -

I can say firsthand that Calvin is uber cute and snuggly! Congrats!!

Greg -

That’s one cute puppy! Welcome, Calvin!

Ann/Mike -

He is small and certainly adorable! We know he will hold his own against our grand-daughter and our special gal, Lucy. Love ya all.

Radlerin -

I like how Lucy (I’m assuming) is warily
sniffing the new pup. Very cute dogs, both!

Laura -

Radlerin: Yes, she does have a habit of being wary. They’re getting along famously now, with only the occasional reprimand from Lucy to Calvin, because of course Lucy is still “much to mature for the likes of a puppy.”

But they’re playing, and it’s crazy to see Lucy essentially punch Calvin with one paw, sending him rolling, and in retaliation Calvin bite at her ears trying to hang on. She takes advantage of his weakness (his small size) and he takes advantage of hers. Very fun!

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Becca -

I’ll be there for sure!