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Monthly Archives: July 2007

I haven’t been riding my little blue dirt jumper very much so I decided to switch things up and get myself a singlespeed cross country ride. Went from thinking about it, to checking ebay, to finding a sweet little deal, making a bid and it’s mine. The Gimp has founds its way to Ebay as […]

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Our second trip down to visit Laura and Mark and their son Andrew produced some fun photos of the three of them. Andrew is on the move now and flashing his smile even more than ever. It was a fun afternoon and looking forward to seeing them them again soon.

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Do we have everyone?.

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Becca -

i think the camera operator is in need of a photo, too!

Laura -

i can take care of that. You’d think we planned it, the way everyone posed differently with the ballz. ;op

Wade -

OMG. That pic of Audrey just made me light-headed.

Laura -

as well it should.

on a side note, congrats to Lindy!

Despite some minor hang-over action, we took advantage of a free schedule and a gorgeous, dry day to hit the trails at Salem Hills Regional Park for some Sunday morning riding. Laura’s first jump off a rock (which she couldn’t climb).

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Ann/Mike -

Looks like you had some jumpin’ and ridin’ fun on that day. Cool.