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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Slim and Nel were kind enough to open up their house to us hooligans while continuing their bowling extravaganza tradition.  This year we did a little beer tasting with everyone bringing something delicious to drink.  Slim and Nel put out a great spread and then after all had their fill we marched in the cold […]

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Becca -

Nice, you can see Coors guy in one frame with the bandana hanging from his pocket:) Love the pictures!

dharma bum -

Great pictures man! So many good ones. And what an attractive crew. The one of Gabe making the face is classic. Love the random music too.

Becca – I was looking for Coors-boy but didn’t spot him. Guess I better go through them again. 🙂

samh -

I’m a fan of any photo set that includes pictures of Palmer.

Becca -

It’s at 29 seconds left or something like that:)

Laura and I will most definitely be looking forward to when we get to shoot our friends Jessop and Jen’s wedding next July. It’s always fun to shoot a wedding when you will know a bunch of people who will be in attendance and you already have a connection with the bride and groom so […]

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