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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Awhile back I had the opportunity to photograph one of Minnesota’s most well known breakdancers known as Daylight. Daylight, aka Damian Day, is a founding member of the Battlecats, and is also a Red Bull sponsored athlete which allows him to tour the country promoting the energy drink.

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the haraldsons » Red Bull Illume at the Guthrie -

[…] Bull, as usual, threw a heck of a party. Red Bull athletes Damian Daylight Day and Terry Adams were on hand to perform for the crowd, yummy food, great music, and always tasty […]

My friend Pete Ryan started a social club of sorts called Morbid (Minnesota Off Road Bikers into Drinking). Sounded like the perfect fit for me. He recently had some stickers printed up and when I saw three blank pint glasses at Goodwill, well it seemed like just the reason to set up the light box.

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ryan -

Nice logo. I used that font on some basketball jerseys for our freestyle skiers at work. Good stuff.

Northern Brewer mentioned on their website that they were looking for photos to use in their upcoming catalog that showed off readers home draft setups. I decided it was a perfect time to recreate my drinking alone photo to make it a bit more of a party.

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gerg -

super nice. looks like quite the soirée. hope northern brewer picks it up! they’d be fools not to… 🙂