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Monthly Archives: May 2008

  Laura and I joined my parents, brother, and grandmother for some camping Mother’s day weekend at William O’Brien state park. Didn’t bring the camera along but did borrow my brother’s point and shoot to take some photo of Lucy playing around by the river. A bit of a lull in blogging lately but have […]

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Dave -

WM O’Brien! Love that place! If you find yourself in Marine territory this summer, stop in behind the General store at my Aunt’s ice cream store. Worked there as a lad, and I swear there’s a distinct flavor to the wares that come out of the place.

samh -


For my birthday I am getting a new bicycle.  So far I’ve been doing it piece by piece.   A few teasers of the shiny bits!

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Dave -

Veeeeeery pretty. You can’t have enough bikes and I can’t have enough shaving soaps!

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dana -

Thanks, You really do an amazing job of capturing an event!! Umm yeah, also can I be your apprentice.


scott -


Yeah but its always so much easier when you aren’t out there officially 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing your shots. I think that was a great spot you had picked when I walked by you on the climb. Even though that’s not a real big climb after your ride around a few loops you sure start to feel like it is!

grizzlyadam -

stellar presentation – wow. Thanks for sharing!

Dan Glassic -

Once again awesome shots Scott. Love your pics the colors just “pop”.

scott -


See getting Shad to talk on the radio was worth it 🙂

I was excited when Sara from BeeTour Photography invited Laura and I to a meet-up of local photographers at the Town Talk Diner.   Laura for two reasons, one to meet a bunch of new fabulous local photographers, and two the adult malts they serve.   We were pretty beat from a long day so we didn’t […]

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Sara -

I’m so glad you guys could come, it was great to finally meet you!

eliesa -

Hey! WHAAAAAA! I haven’t seen this picture before! I’m obsessed with it!!!!!! HOW COOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I somehow get that/use it – with credit to you of course? WHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by my b.l.o.g today! ;0)