A weekend at the cabin

This afternoon I was attempting to clean up my virtual desktop seeing as how it has become quite cluttered with lot’s of random photos, folders, downloaded rar files, and who knows what else. One of the folders I cam across was titled “cabin” and inside were a handful of images that I had completely forgotten about and never really edited to show anyone.

Our good friend Nel works at the University of Minnesota-Morris campus and along with her boyfriend Slim, had invited a few of us up to the general area to enjoy a weekend at a rented cabin this past March. I definitely think we should do something like that again this year.

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  1. i’d say that is quite a nice picture, especially considering our condition that final morning. it brings back some nice memories – let’s do that again during spring ’07.

  2. do i not remember much from that weekend because it was almost a year ago or because we were so drunk the whole time? fun pix, scott! i’m excited for this year. where to?

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