Christmas Party 2006

I believe this is the third year now that Laura and I have hosted a Christmas party at our house. The faces have remained mostly unchanged except this year we were missing Slim and Nel, who had a prior engagement, but were joined by Laura’s brother Kevin and his friend Veronica.

The main attraction of our is the little gift passing (which after watching The Office to much I have dubbed ‘Yankee Swap’). We do a nicer 10-20 dollar gift and then also do a gag gift passing.

We had three beers on tap at the Haraldson Family Brewpub and plenty of good food to go around. Click next page for the rest of the photos.

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  1. i look forward to your x-mas party every year-thanks for another fun one!
    in that last picture you can see me with my prized enema (and hand cuffs) party gift set…we put this fun duo out at the new years eve party and it was gone in the morning! so who started off the new year cuffed and clean?

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