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Stupor Bowl

Think I have enough hops for our Super Bowl party?

1 keg of Surly Furious

2 sixers of Bell’s Hopslam

Not to mention the keg of Double IPA homebrew I have on tap already.  Don’t worry for those of you who would rather have something that can be put down by the bucket I also have a keg of Summit Grand Pilsner on tap as well.

gerg -

far out! can’t wait to sip a few of those and watch the big game on the big TV.

Laura -

We’re very excited to share some good times on a FREEZIN’ Super Bowl Sunday 🙂

katie -

GREAT time yesterday, you two! Thanks so much for the big-screen action, the brews and the big-time fun! I’m glad that the Colts won, too 🙂