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Last night while Laura and I were out of the house for a meeting our mischief maker Lucy was able to get into the room we’ve been storing the food for our new puppy. Well she seemed to help herself to as much as she could handle because when we got home her stomache looked to have expanded to twice its size. Fearing a common occurence in deep chested dogs call bloat we called the emergency vet and they recommended bringing her in.

A short drive to the vet and we got her an x-ray. It was definitely something to be concerned about but not so much that they felt she needed to stay the night. So we took our poor swollen bellied dog home and she appears to be doing better today.

The large vertical football shape is her stomach. If it had expanded to about two more vertebrae back she would have been looking to be in pretty rough shape.

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  1. Two hours and $200 later …

    Well worth the experience, though. We’re definitely looking more seriously into pet insurance. And like I told Scott, just an average night if we had kids … unexpected late-night trip to Urgent Care.

    can’t wait. ;op

  2. p.s.

    Calvin was a good boy, sleeping in his kennel both while the mischief was ensuing and when we returned with his older sister, who was so fat she couldn’t even curl up into her normal ball to sleep.

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