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In helping promote Blog Action Day The Haraldson’s blog will be covering a topic as lackluster as the paint on a ’36 Ford. Lackluster it may be but practical and effective as a ’07 Accord. Your interest now being piqued I hope it’s not too much a let down that today I’ll be presenting a solution to a small part of the world’s litter problem by suggesting that people stop using throw-away coffee cups. I work in an office in which I seen dozens of people walk in and out of everyday, many off to the local coffee shops for a morning cup. Everyday single day some of these same people come back with a brand new, un-tattered, shiny paper coffee cup that they drink from and then without a second glance throw into the waste basket.

I am of the opinion that disposable coffee cups are quite uncomfortable to drink from as the little plastic caps are sharp and the hole so small the coffee never has a chance to cool off properly. The come with those silly cardboard sleeves that never actually keep your hand from getting too hot as you grip it. And shape and size of the mugs are almost always prone to spilling or being tipped over onto your precious keyboard, drawing, paper or whatever other precious items you may have on your desk.

Granted there is a certain convenience in just being able to drive to a coffee place and grab a cup because you didn’t have time to make any before work or you keep forgetting to bring a mug from home and that excuse is acceptable about one percent of the time. If you use that excuse any more than that then you are ignorant. There, I said it, I called you ignorant. If you throw a paper coffee cup into your waste basket everyday then why don’t you just go straight to the source and throw it right into a lake, river or ocean because that’s where it’s going to end up ultimately anyway.

Make it your goal over the next days, weeks and months to have a couple re-useable coffee mugs located in all the places you like to drink coffee. Keep one at the office, one in your car, a few at home. And even better, have a few available for other around you who may not be as enlightened as you are.

– Sam Haraldson

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