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PugFest 2008

On Sunday Laura and I drove up to Hillside Park in Elk River to photograph PugFest 2008. The race put on by Rich Omdahl, the city of Elk River, and a handful of local sponsors was quite the success. The weather warmed up making for a great day to be out on the snow covered trails.

Over 75 riders turned out to race including 19 of those riding Surly Pugsleys. I took a bunch of photos and I’ll post up a few here. To see the rest visit my flickr account here.

samh -

This looks like it was a very good time. Did you and Laura ride at all?

scott -

We did not but after getting there I think Laura wished she would have brought her new bike and the dogs along. Next time!

samh -

No dogs?!? What a shame!

eric O -

The dude drinking beer out of back of his van has the same bike I had back in the day. First real mtb for me. A Diamond back 4.0. Nice carbon tubes blending into the copper flake lugs. I thought that thing was the bomb