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Winona Cherry Bomb – 2000

Continuing on with the blast from the past mountain bike videos archives here is a clip from the Winona Cherry Bomb back in the summer of 2000. Oh what beer, lack of riding everyday, and a slowing metabolism has done to my body 😀


And few photos

Andy riding the course the day before

Joe, Pete Kohner, and I getting ready to start

Brian Lee riding the course the day before

Joe’s Infinity G20

Dave Meyer who I just saw last weekend at the winter race in Elk River

And my roommate for the summer of 2000 Chris Benda

Preston -

Scott – thats a nice shot of Kohner checking out your junk

Erik Bergman -

Scott, this sure does bring back memories. I was wondering if you have the original file of a night photo you took of me back in those days. I have a photo of it, but it’s a very small file and I would like a copy of the original if you have it. I can e-mail you a copy of it so you know what I’m talking about. Please send me an e-mail. Thanks buddy

samh -

Who are those thin dudes that look like Palmer and Scotty? ; )