Fitger’s Bockfest

This weekend Laura and I joined my Mom and Dad for a trip to Duluth to visit my brother and take part in the 14th annual Fitger’s Bockfest. The first thing one must do when attending Bockfest is to get yourself a cup of beer and bring it over to the fire to have your beer poked with a red hot poker. The heat of the poker caramelizes the caramel in the beer giving it a really yummy sweet and smooth taste to it.

The first event we took in was the polar bear plunge. Many a brave soul climbed down the rocky embankment to throw themselves into the frigid Lake Superior water. Had I remembered to have brought my Speedo I would have jumped right in.

“Instructions and advice” are given out as everyone gets ready to head for the “beach”.

Plungers head down the rocky embankment to the shores of Lake Superior.

The first to take the plunge.

The master of ceremonies.

“How was it?”


None took their time to dilly dally.

Mom, Dad and Laura watch from above.


My brother bringing gifts of beer and pretzels.

Next up was the stein race.  A couple approached us and asked if any of us wanted to be the fourth person on their team.  I quickly volunteered Laura, who just happened to not be standing there at the moment 😀  The first leg of the raced involved using a wheelchair to transport your beer without touching the mug.  The second stage then involved having someone push you in the wheelchair (this time while holding the beer).

The last leg of the race involved walking two beers while having your legs taped to your partner, Here is Laura making sure not to spill any.

Steins being measured.  Every inch of beer spilled cost your team on minute.

And the verdict?  Laura’s team won!  She received a really nice warm hooded sweatshirt.  Make sure to note the sore losers (last year’s champions) in the background haha.

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