Recreation Lanes. Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

As many of you know Laura’s father and uncle own a small bowling alley and bar in Oshkosh. I always like to stop in at least once every time we go home to visit. This time around I brought along the camera to take some photographs. Someday I’d like to spend a good afternoon there just taking a whole series of pictures that I could frame up and give as a gift to be hung in the alley. For now heres just a few that I snapped.

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  1. Where’s that bowling alley at? I know I drive by one on my way to my parents house off of Murdock Ave.

  2. Greg,

    Yeah it was getting late and everyone was a bit tired so I didn’t get to in depth. I’m hoping next time to remember my tripod and get a lot more detail shots of everything.

    The address is 710 S Main St. Oshkosh, WI 54902 (920) 235-9822. It’s in the old downtown area (at least thats what I consider the old downtown) and if you drove by to fast you probably could miss it. Tell em Scott sent ya 😀

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