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The latest addition to the stable

I finally said enough is enough and got myself a nice bike to commute to work on. With just a 17 mile round trip to work it only takes me 20 minutes longer to ride my bike than it does to drive. I still find that hard to believe.

Am I content to just be outside, enjoying the fresh air, the wind in face?  Of course not!  I just had to go add a radio (ultra dork alert) to my handlebars so I could listen to my talk radio.  🙂

I know it’s not something everyone can do but for those who can I highly recommend it.  I like to think my quality of life has gone up just in the past two weeks I have been riding.  I get to work feeling much more ready to tackle my day and I use my ride home as a great time to reflect on everything going on in life and just enjoy the view.

As to the bike it is a Surly Cross-Check that I outfitted with a rear rack and Axiom monsoon waterproof panniers.  Not having a backpack is such a blessing!

Daniel Snow -

Just 17 miles…?!? makes my 3 mile round trip to the day job seem like a warm-up/walk in the park. Even though I don’t get much time in my bike commute(mostly just downtown) to wander off and reflect I do know what you mean about feeling energized when you arrive to work, especially on a -25F morning.

samh -

I want one.

Dave -

Oooh, very nice. What transmission/tires?

Peter -

Is that a speaker to the left of the radio on the handle bars? Did that come with the radio or was it separtate? I’ve been looking for something like that.

Scott -


It doesn’t run anything to fancy. The drivetrain is primarily Shimano Tiagra. This is my first time using bar end shifters but I’m really starting to get into them. I swapped out the stock tires for a set of Kenda cross tires. They’re a 700x28c and only go up to about 80 psi which makes it a bit smoother ride. Not like I’m racing to work anyhow.


That’s actually something I pieced together. The radio is one of those Sony’s that you would normally strap to your arm for running and the speakers are something I found online.

I zip tied the two bases of the speaker together and then using velcro pump straps I attached them to the handlebar. I’m pretty surprised how well it actually works 🙂 Another pump strap to hold the radio to my stem and I can change stations easily while riding and the radio is loud enough to overtake wind noise.

Peter -

cool. thanks for the tip — I need to rig something together like that for the Burley jogger . . . running is too hard without music, and kid + earbuds + cars = not a good idea.

Scott -

Yep, totally. I used to have ear buds that I zip tied into my helmet but I could never get them loud enough to hear without putting them so close to my ear so I couldn’t hear what was going on around me.

I may look a bit goofy and when I roll up to stop signs with people waiting for the bus I do get some funny looks but eh I’m riding in style!

Erika McCauley -

Fancy! 🙂