Riding: Murphy Hanrahan

 Laura and I just couldn’t get enough of the Murphy Hanrahan trails this weekend so we went again! We joined Pete, MikeyB, Kris, Josh, and then Jessop, John, and Jason for a lap after work.  I forgot what packing 20 pounds of camera gear on your back can do to your balance!  All in all it was an awesome ride, the temperature was just right and as the sun hit the magic hour things were just absolutely beautiful out there.  Thanks for the ride guys and thanks for the post ride beer!

Testing out self portraits using my Bogen Magic Arm.

Kris rounds the corner heading up a climb.

MikeB shows us how it is done on the split rock.

Laura takes over camera duties so I can give it a shot.

Baltimore Josh rocks and rolls.


Laura shows us its not just the guys who can do it.

Pete out in the prairie in that golden sun.

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  1. I can’t fathom how you folks jump up on those rocks, cross logs, ect: I go out on those trails and fall over just at the sight of them . . .

    Beautiful shots, especially the last. Could be used in a bike ad.

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