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Erin & Erikcontacted us last winter inquiring about photography services forthis fall.Erin is thesister of one of Laura’s good friends from college. She runs, he bikes, similar to the two of us. In spring we scooted around Minneapolis with the couple, just skirting rain showers at Lake Harriet. We snapped a couple of quick pics […]

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Beer Lovers Unite

We were recently blessed with the good company of my long time friend Zack and his girlfriend Diane. Zack and Diane live in Oregon but are currently criss-crossing the United States in their 1982 Volkswagon Westphalia. Zack has always had eye for photography and should really set up a blog because the photos he’s taken […]

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Tag! you’re it.

Oh nose! I’ve been tagged by Pete Ryan. I’m still not sure if this is better or worse than a chain letter but it’s been a few days since I have posted anything so what the hell If you could have any one and only one bike in the world, what would it […]

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