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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Erin & Erik contacted us last winter inquiring about photography services for this fall. Erin is the sister of one of Laura’s good friends from college. She runs, he bikes, similar to the two of us. In spring we scooted around Minneapolis with the couple, just skirting rain showers at Lake Harriet.  We snapped a couple of quick pics […]

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Laura and I went to the Minnesota State Fair last night and saw this uber cute little sheep being weighed in just hours after its birth.  The fair was solid as usual, I got to taste all my favorite fair foods.  I had a pronto pup, french fries, cheese curds, a couple beers, a chocolate […]

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Bill - MORC -

Love the baby sheep at the fair! Great shot!

Becca -

Too cute! We missed it our first time this year, but I am planning to see the barn soon:)

Where is the shot of Laura stealing the T-shirt from KFAN? LOL..

gerg -

Sweet shot! Sure do love me some fair…

We were recently blessed with the good company of my long time friend Zack and his girlfriend Diane.  Zack and Diane live in Oregon but are currently criss-crossing the United States in their 1982 Volkswagon Westphalia. Zack has always had eye for photography and should really set up a blog because the photos he’s taken […]

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samh -

Yes, Zack – why don’t you set up a blog?

Oh nose! I’ve been tagged by Pete Ryan.  I’m still not sure if this is better or worse than a chain letter but it’s been a few days since I have posted anything so what the hell 🙂 If you could have any one — and only one — bike in the world, what would […]

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Daniel Snow -

I’m subscribed to your feed, Scott, but I’m a n00b, and mostly just a commuter when it comes to bikes so I’m going to pass on the questionnaire. I completely agree with your duathalon idea, though. I’d compete in one of those.

scott -

Haha right on Dan. I’m hoping it doesn’t open up in a downpour on my commute home today.

martini -

Ah shit. I saw that one….

1.  bocce ball 2.  fricket 3.  bags 4.  croquet 5. lawn darts What’s yours?

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peter -

Man, we used to play bocce ALL the time — haven’t for a couple summers now. Just played ladder golf for the first time last night; that was pretty fun . . . plus if you happen to be a ninja the throwing balls will make a nice tool to capture your opponent with.

bootsiebee -

bootsie likes bocce.

flashmcduff -

I find it comforting to hear other people refer to it as “lawn darts” and not “Jarts”. I’m not nuts.

Bean bag toss is a nice, one-armed game. I’m assuming that’s what you mean by “bags”.