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For anyone who is interested in stopping by the Hospital’s visiting hours are today from 2-4 and 7-8:30 p.m.  We are at Saint John’s Hospital in Maplewood, Mn.  Feel free to call ahead if you want to come out and I can help with directions.

One thing to note the nurses have asked any who are sick or have been exposed to sickness to refrain for coming for the benefit of the young patients.

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  1. Hi friends!
    Welcome to the world Miss Ella! I wish we could come and meet you, but we are taking the nurse’s advice and staying away as both Andy and I are in varying stages of sickness. Dads pictures show you and mom looking beautiful and in good health. We hope to see you all soon.
    love, Team Palmer

  2. the future steps that theses little feet will take throughout their lifetime, can take more adventures than her uncle sam, they can peddel a bike farther and faster then that of her father, they will follow and someday lead her mothers, they will experiance the wet grass, the warm sand, the cool waters, and the places none of us yet have ever thought possible, because these little feet were a gift, a true gift of all the combined love of that was given from GOD. so these little feet know no boudrys, for there is no limit to a person who dares to dream, and that person who has that gift and the will to suceed, allready knows that she will !
    with love uncle bill.

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