Bike Photo Day 8: Maah Daah Hey, Medora, North Dakota August 7, 2014

I have been nominated to post a riding/racing photo every day for 10 days.

Bike Photo Day 8: Maah Daah Hey, Medora, North Dakota August 7, 2014

Today’s photo brings us to North Dakota.  North Dakota doesn’t normally bring to mind epic mountain biking but the Maa Daah Hey is its crown jewel.  It is a 96-mile singletrack trail in the most picturesque part of western North Dakota. The ride sweeps over rolling buttes and grasslands with majestic plateaus, jagged peaks and valleys, large expanses of prairie and rivers that intertwine to make the trail one of the best in the Midwest.

This particular trip was the vision of Salsa Cycles’ brand manager Justin Julian.  Justin dreamed up the idea for he and his best friend to ride five trails in five states in five days.  Sounds impressive?  Well add into the mix that all of this was accomplished using motorcycles as the mode of transportation between trails.  Seeing two guys on BMW motorcycles cruising down the highway each with a mountain bike hanging off the back definitely draws a lot of looks.

This particular section of trail is called Devil’s Pass.  Being out there, miles from anywhere I could only but think of the pioneers who must have passed through this area hoping that their wagons and horses would not get stuck in the mud.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Focal Length: 25mm
Shutter Speed: 1/320
Aperture: f/8
ISO: 320

To read and see more about the adventure visit Salsa Cycle's 5 Trails, 5 States, 5 Days. 

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