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Three days in July.


Greg -

Nice. What a beautiful place for such an awful event.

Ann/Mike -

The cannon looks peaceful in this setting, but what history it speaks.

brent -

Is that little round top? I went to Gettysburg last year, and it was just hard to believe how much carnage happened in such a beautiful area. Check out the Gettysburg movie if you haven’t already.

-trompete from the morc forums

scott -


That last photo is indeed little round top. Pretty cool area, and just listening to the audio tour as we drove around was well worth buying the cd. My wife is quite the history buff but I must admit all that I had learned in school was pretty fuzzy so it was fun to hear how it all took place again.

Amazing how close everything was together (compared I supposed to todays fighting).

Gettysburg the name of the movie?