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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Let me just start off by saying that Erin and Kevin are fearless when it comes to getting the shot. You should have seen them trekking down into Minnehaha Falls. There were numerous slips and slides but everyone came out relatively unscathed. We started out the day shooting in the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory at Como […]

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Laura and I just launched a new version of  Go check it out!  We are also still booking for a few dates yet in 2008 and of course for 2009.  Feel free to let me know of anything on the new site that might not be working properly for you and I’ll look into […]

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dharma bum -

Looks real sharp!

Erika -

Love the new site – looks very clean! The photos look great…I’m especially fond of the Featured Wedding gallery!

Ben -

WOW Scott….Your new site is sick. Way to push the bar way up.

Thanks Audrey!

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ryan -

Nice. Kind of tight, though. I have a WiseCracker that I really like. I intentionally bought it too big so I could shim it and make it fit whatever bike I’m riding at the moment.

scott -

Yeah I had to add a shim underneith it to allow the bottle to fit up in there. I think its more the cool factor than anything 🙂

Continuing on with the blast from the past mountain bike videos archives here is a clip from the Winona Cherry Bomb back in the summer of 2000. Oh what beer, lack of riding everyday, and a slowing metabolism has done to my body 😀 [googlevideo:] And few photos Andy riding the course the day before […]

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Preston -

Scott – thats a nice shot of Kohner checking out your junk

Erik Bergman -

Scott, this sure does bring back memories. I was wondering if you have the original file of a night photo you took of me back in those days. I have a photo of it, but it’s a very small file and I would like a copy of the original if you have it. I can e-mail you a copy of it so you know what I’m talking about. Please send me an e-mail. Thanks buddy

samh -

Who are those thin dudes that look like Palmer and Scotty? ; )

I think for most this might be a headache waiting to happen but back in 1998 my college cycling club made some mountain bike videos. My friend Preston dug them out of the abyss and mailed the VHS tapes to me awhile back and today I finally got around to hooking up my ancient VCR […]

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samh -

Well, I watched the first eight minutes of it and enjoyed it – – shaky, non-tracking video and all ; )

Preston -

Oh man…I miss Holzinger a lot.

Preston -

I also miss bar ends and limp bizkit