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When Laura and I got married I wanted to build my own photobooth for our guests.  It went over really well but after the wedding it got neglected and has been sitting in our garage.  This past week I’ve been spending my evenings working on getting the photobooth back up and running for Artcrank.  I think outside a few small things it is pretty much good to go. I’m pretty excited.  It even has its own website,  I’m hoping to be able to rent out a bit in the future so if you are looking for a photobooth for your wedding, event, party let me know 🙂

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  1. That green paint looks HOTTT! And Kudos to Ms. Lucy for posing so nicely for this photo. You should match the color scheme of the new Web site to the color of this paint and put that photo on there. You should also have a contact us form on there. I’ve seen you advertise the site in a couple different places but it’s a non-destination right now.

  2. I know the website definitely needs some work. I’m hoping to work on that on Saturday to prep it a bit for that night. I figure I’ll have some traffic starting in on Sunday morning looking for photos.

    Funny, I actually took a sample of the website color to the store to match paint but it didn’t quite come out perfect. So go figure my business cards don’t exactly match either 🙂

  3. hi there,
    any idea when the photo’s from artcrank will be posted? :):)


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