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April in Minnesota

It is now April and this is what we have to look at.   Looks like the start of the mountain bike season is gonna get pushed back a bit.  I grabbed the point and shoot and took a few photos of our yard.

dharma bum -

I can’t believe this snow. Sure shot my fishing plans to hell yesterday. I really like that second shot though.

samh -

So, did the snow stick around? The two or three inches we got up here were melted and completely gone by the time the work day was over.

Scott -

We still have a bit but it won’t last much more than a few days with the temps expected to get into the 50’s. I guess we are looking at some rain this week too so that will be nice to clean everything up and get the grass (what’s left of it in my backyard) on track.

It would have been nice to say that this whole thing was an April Fools joke but alas.