First ride of the season

The first official mountain bike trail is open in Minnesota. I took the dogs to work and then met up with Pete Ryan afterwards for a few laps. The trails were in great shape with only one twenty foot section that was still muddy. Now if the temps would just warm up a bit more so it didn’t feel so much like fall out there.

Was able to use my remote trigger for my camera. Still need to work out some kinks but I’m looking to taking a lot of self portrait riding shots this year.

 Afterwards we caught up with Chris Druckenmiller for a few beers in the parking lot.

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  1. dude you totally missed The Office – I made brownies…don’t worry, they won’t go to waste!

  2. I know I felt really terrible when I realized that when I got home. I totally got on a one track mindset yesterday morning and was all about getting a ride in that evening. I got home and Laura told me and I was like ahh man. I’ll have to get caught up online. A brownie sounds really really good right now.

  3. As scott knows, i was really jealous. Sorry, becca, for the confusion on the evening 🙁 lh

  4. I’m glad both of you weren’t dead somewhere on the side of the road…feel the guilt trip a la “mom” coming out? 🙂 We’ll do it again sometime soon – this time with you guys and brownies.

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