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One Year Later

Congratulations on your one year anniversary Josh & Sarah!

DB -

I Like the blast of color with the structure! Is that a barn? Or a barn converted to a house?

scott -

It is kind of an event center of sorts. For this occasion it was being rented out for a wedding reception. As for the colors I’ll have to convert you over to the darkside of Photoshop to really make your photos pop :p

DB -

Well, Adobe’s already got me with Lightroom. Who knows, maybe I’ll find myself leaving Mistake Lake one day with a Fistful of Dollars – perhaps then I’ll acquire Photoshop. Naturally, at that point Photoshop will be sold For a Few Dollars More.

Erika McCauley -

Love the contrast of colors!

Scott -

Thanks Erika!

So does the iPhone get reception in the backwoods of Canada? :p