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Today, to celebrate our 2-year anniversary, Scott and I got to get our first real glimpse at Baby H, who’s 21 weeks old. We are not finding out the gender of our baby, but are taking bets (see post from early September). Baby H. is already making an impression as a squirmer and a disobedient […]

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jen -

oh my goodness! you can actually see the little one now, that’s great!

Becca -

amazing!!! thanks for sharing, guys:) totally still think it is a boy and it will be like 3 days late.

Dan P. -


greg -

amazing! i can’t believe how much detail you can see!

boy. march 12.

wade -

totally awesome! sure they can make a computer that shows baby in 3D, but they still rock the black and white film, c’mon get with the times doc. :oD

girl, march 11

jen -

girl, march 1

Laura is the better looking half of Scott Haraldson Photography and also my fabulous wife. Love you babe!

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Becca -

Awww, you guys are so cute. Laura is also the hottest mama to date!

Love you both!


jen -

I second that!

samh -


Laura -

I personally don’t know if there is a “better” half in this duo, but I surely blush at my husband’s sweetness. I love you, hun; thank so much for all the support. You are an incredible artist and such a supportive man!

Our good friend Gabe came over to build up his new bike, a Rocky Mountain Slayer, last night and Palmer joined in on the fun a bit later.  Grease was applied, beers were consumed, and parts were installed. Tools…… and more important tools.

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samh -

…and poor Lucy and Calvin just watched… wishing they too could have a beer.

Gabe, that’s a sweet lookin’ ride. Perhaps you’ll need to bring that out Bozeman way ; )

Anna -

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