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I'm the Wife.

This year, I’ve been exploring the concept of Grace. Not so much in the spiritual sense, and certainly not in the “poise and balance” sensibility, though I suppose those are both relevant and present as well. I’m talking about the “giving myself grace” sort of practice—the practice of permission and forgiveness. You see, as a […]

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For posterity and my parents who live in Wisconsin and haven’t seen me in a couple of months, we thought we’d post a picture of Laura & Baby H. at T+4 days. And here’s a little picture of the “nursery” (haha), too. And a glimpse into OUR new bedroom: Thanks, Mom & Dad for the […]

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samh -

Isn’t Laura just beautiful? And that blanket for Baby H – – that is absolutely darling, Mom! And don’t worry, Lucy – we love you too!

Today, to celebrate our 2-year anniversary, Scott and I got to get our first real glimpse at Baby H, who’s 21 weeks old. We are not finding out the gender of our baby, but are taking bets (see post from early September). Baby H. is already making an impression as a squirmer and a disobedient […]

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jen -

oh my goodness! you can actually see the little one now, that’s great!

Becca -

amazing!!! thanks for sharing, guys:) totally still think it is a boy and it will be like 3 days late.

Dan P. -


greg -

amazing! i can’t believe how much detail you can see!

boy. march 12.

wade -

totally awesome! sure they can make a computer that shows baby in 3D, but they still rock the black and white film, c’mon get with the times doc. :oD

girl, march 11

jen -

girl, march 1

Greetings! I’m actually posting the photos, finally. I’d love any and all critiques on these  🙂 – Laura Jen through a grate Serious Jen Jen smiles. Feet Joe, minus eyeglasses The glasses Scott Soft Scott Jen again   Hiiiiiii-yaH! We are photographers.  

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Daniel Snow -

Hey Laura! I like your set of images, but since you asked for critique… #2 & #3 show a bit of difference in temperature with #2 being a little cool compared to #3. The images of Scott and Scott (#7 & #8) are a bit soft. Probably a little slow on the shutter for the focal length you were at. I really like #10 of Jenn and #12 of Joe. Count me in on shooting with you guys in Stillwater!

Joe -

I like the post on some of these. I agree with Dan that Scott and Soft Scott could have used a bit more shutter speed. Personally, I like the differing color temps – they offer a different mood to the images.
What did you do for the Hi-yah picture? – looks like it was probably blurry and out of focus, but the post processing perhaps gave something useful and fun.

the haraldsons » Remembering Julie Steiskal -

[…] is someone who was only in Laura and my life briefly but the one day I got to know her left a lasting impression on me.  She was […]

Despite some minor hang-over action, we took advantage of a free schedule and a gorgeous, dry day to hit the trails at Salem Hills Regional Park for some Sunday morning riding. Laura’s first jump off a rock (which she couldn’t climb).

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Ann/Mike -

Looks like you had some jumpin’ and ridin’ fun on that day. Cool.