Photography Mixer Take 2

Greetings! I’m actually posting the photos, finally. I’d love any and all critiques on these  🙂 – Laura

Jen through a grate

Jen through a grate

Serious Jen

Jen smiles.


Joe, minus eyeglasses

The glasses


Soft Scott

Jen again



We are photographers.


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  1. Hey Laura! I like your set of images, but since you asked for critique… #2 & #3 show a bit of difference in temperature with #2 being a little cool compared to #3. The images of Scott and Scott (#7 & #8) are a bit soft. Probably a little slow on the shutter for the focal length you were at. I really like #10 of Jenn and #12 of Joe. Count me in on shooting with you guys in Stillwater!

  2. I like the post on some of these. I agree with Dan that Scott and Soft Scott could have used a bit more shutter speed. Personally, I like the differing color temps – they offer a different mood to the images.
    What did you do for the Hi-yah picture? – looks like it was probably blurry and out of focus, but the post processing perhaps gave something useful and fun.

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