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Cloud Cult @ First Avenue {Slideshow}

Cloud Cult at First Avenue.

MikeyB -

Needs more cow bell.

dharma bum -

There’s some really nice shots in there. Thanks man!

Peter -

this is excellent. thanks.

sopheava -

Fantastic shots from the show. I had family in town this weekend and had to miss it (still bitter about that ;). Your shots are the first I’ve seen that really show the mood and energy of the place. Super awesome!!

Thanks for sharing them :).

scott -

Greg, Pete, and Sopheava,

Thanks for the comments! It was a fun concert, though I wish it would have been longer 🙂 I tried not to focus to much on the camera but more or less enjoy the music more than anything. I’m looking forward to working on doing some more slide shows for different concerts in the future.