Photostars take on the Town Talk Diner

I was excited when Sara from BeeTour Photography invited Laura and I to a meet-up of local photographers at the Town Talk Diner.   Laura for two reasons, one to meet a bunch of new fabulous local photographers, and two the adult malts they serve.   We were pretty beat from a long day so we didn’t get to stay as long as we had wanted but we are both looking forward to the next meet-up.  Now I’ve got a stack of business cards to go through and add all kinds of new people to my blog reader 🙂  For some other awesome shots from the night check out Eliesa of Photogen Inc’s blog.

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  1. Hey! WHAAAAAA! I haven’t seen this picture before! I’m obsessed with it!!!!!! HOW COOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I somehow get that/use it – with credit to you of course? WHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by my b.l.o.g today! ;0)

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