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They have Laura hooked up to a machine that monitors the heartbeat so I recorded some audio.

samh -

The little one sounds great already!

Sarah Florell -

That’s a beautiful sound. What a health heart this little one has.

MikeyB -

150 beats a minute….hmmm I’m going with a girl! That audio sounded like a midget with hiccups.

scott -

Well they sent us home from the Hospital last night as there just wasn’t enough progress throughout the day to warrant an overnight. Now we’re back to the same room bright and early waiting for our doc to check us out and determine if we want to go right to the drugs that induce labor.

Michael and Ann Haraldson -

Cool, Randy says if it is this late it will be a boy. Mom here, and I say that it is a fast heartbeat, it will be a girl. Dad says, isn’t this amazing what Scott can do, and just think about it he said everything he can do I taught him!!!!!!!!