Red Bull Ride the Sky 2007

It’s back for its second year with a slight name change! 50 lucky cyclists will take to the skyways of Saint Paul to race against the clock in a one of a kind race.

For more details and photos click onto page two.

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  1. w00t! looking forward to this one. the downhill course sounds good, i remember you saying that a lot of the riders were suffering because the course required more exertion and climbing than they were expecting. that and the fact that many of them were riding heavy dual-suspension downhill bikes…

    anyway, bummed to hear it won’t be more spectator-friendly this year… it’s such a great event and it seems silly to so bluntly discourage spectators. especially because the people who are allowing the organizers to have a bike race in their skyway would probably like as many people to come downtown and spend money as possible…

    even just having some designated spectator areas along the course would be cool.

    granted, last year we had no problem getting out on the course (along with lots of other folks). i wonder if that’ll be the case this year or if they’ll crack down on it more.

    oh yeah, you took photos last year. i wrote about it (with a great spaz in the comments section by some little racer-punk).

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