Doing a little backtracking here as I realized many of you have never gotten a chance to see photos from our honeymoon. After Laura and I got married we got a flight out on Monday morning to head down to Mexico’s riviera maya and to the El Dorado Seaside Suites. The resort is located on the secluded beach of Kantenah, just about 45 Minutes south of Cancun Airport and 25 minutes south of Playa del Carmen.

Heading into the week long adventure I was a bit nervous because the weather reports were showing thunderstorms everyday of our trip. Luckily I found out that means it downpours for about twenty minutes everyday in the afternoon. Just enough to cool you off 🙂

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  1. Laura and I made to snag plenty of the little shampoo bottles from the room each day and today I decided to crack one of them open. Ahhh interest memory, closed my eyes and I was back in Mexico. I truly do love how sounds, smells, taste etc. can trigger such memories.

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