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Red Bull – Ride The Sky

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gerg -

Nice shots as always! You have a great way of finding the most interesting angles…

Laura -

Your skill continues to amaze me, truly an expert at capturing those moments and expressions. I’m so spoiled to get to see your talents on a regular basis 🙂

eric o. -

Are you going to take pictures at any of the MNSCS races this year?

katie -

nice photos, scott! i really like the shots you got of the riders on the curved ramp, with their shadows on the wall behind.
looks like the event was made more fun for the riders this year!

Radlerin -

i’m interested in whether you’ll be at
MNSCS as well, since I’ll likely do a few
of the races.

scott -

Hey guys shooting the MNSCS will probably depend on how my schedule shakes out. I shoot a lot of weddings on Saturdays so that can really make me not wanna get out of bed on Sunday.

I’m hoping for sure to get out to the Spring Opener and shoot that and maybe volunteer some profits toward MORC.