The 3rd Lair

Last night Slim and I ventured over to the west side of the cities to go to the 3rd Lair skate park. One of the members on Morc had setup a bikers only night from 9 to 11pm. Having never photographed bmx street before I decided to bring my camera along. The place was a bit overwhelming with what must have been 50 riders using the small indoor facility. I was a bit nervous since I didn’t know the etiquette for shooting in a place like this but I got out my camera anyhow. I took a few photos but didn’t have as much success as I’d hoped. I think the key to shooting this kind of sport is to know one or two riders who can go out for a private session and that way you can work on getting your lights setup perfectly for the shot. My fly by the seat of my pants technique is below 🙂

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  1. the first two photos are of my ex boyfriend.

    weiiiird. If you want to shoot dudes riding I can get you in contact with any of the bmxers you want since I was pretty heavily into that scene only a few months back.

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