Elizabeth & Steven Hagen

I met Beth while attending school at Winona State.� She and I held the same position at the university’s communication office as staff photographers.� Beth, though going to school for advertising had a knack for photography and was multi faceted around the office, not only doing photography but also helping with writing and layouts for different projects.

When she contacted me to let me know that Steve had proposed and that she had accepted 🙂 I was thrilled to find out she also wanted Laura and I to be her photographers.� I wasn’t just thrilled because Beth & Steve are a great couple who have a lot of fun but also because I knew she would set up her wedding to be photographically friendly.� She did not disappoint with a game of bocce ball, a ride on a trolley, frolicking through a park, a photo booth and a reception where there was never a lack of people on the dance floor.
We went a little long with the slide show but there were just so many wonderful photos to pick from.

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