Engaged: Tom & Becca

Tom and I have been friends ever since we were four or five years old.  I still have memories of making forts in his parents basement from about that time.  We both met Becca after joining a kickball team that she and her friends has started.  Tom and Becca got together just as Tom was moving to Florida to pursue a job opportunity.   They both decided to try the long distance relationship and it wasn’t long before Tom realized that he belonged back in Minnesota and moved back.  Both Laura and I were ecstatic when they told us that Tom had popped the big question and are excited to spend a lot of time with them on their wedding day.

Tom popped the big question on the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis.  He and been out the day before taking the time to write his propsal on the railing of the bridge.  The next day they went out for a walk and Tom made sure that they stop at the right spot and after a little bit of nudging Becca saw the note and said yes.

With all of our engagement photo sessions Laura and I try to make them into mini date nights where we just go and have some fun and do things the couples like to do or go to places that have special meanings to them.  In Tom and Becca’s case we made sure to hit up the Java train which is a locally owned coffee shop just block from their house.

And of course we had to make sure to revisit the site where Tom proposed.  I love being able to just step back from what’s going on and just take photos of things that come naturally.

For anyone who books our engagement session package we also include a hardbound guestbook that your friends and family can sign.  It is really a fun way of using your engagement photos.

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