Engagement Shoot

Last month Laura and I met up with Matt Leifeld and Katie Lundeen to take their engagement photographs. We spent a bit of time at Pioneer Park in Stillwater and then out to Katie’s parents’ house for a few more in their garden. I’ve know both Matt and Katie since I was a wee lad so I know I’m gonna have an awesome time photographing their upcoming wedding in January. I also look forward to photographing my first wedding in the church that I grew up in.

A weekend at the cabin

This afternoon I was attempting to clean up my virtual desktop seeing as how it has become quite cluttered with lot’s of random photos, folders, downloaded rar files, and who knows what else. One of the folders I cam across was titled “cabin” and inside were a handful of images that I had completely forgotten about and never really edited to show anyone.

Our good friend Nel works at the University of Minnesota-Morris campus and along with her boyfriend Slim, had invited a few of us up to the general area to enjoy a weekend at a rented cabin this past March. I definitely think we should do something like that again this year.

Movie & Dogs

This past Saturday night Laura and I got out of the house to go see the movie Little Miss Sunshine at the dollar theater with Becca, Greg, Katie, and Tom. It was quite the hilarious movie and if you have not seen it I definitely recommend checking it out when it comes out on DVD.

After the movie was over we all decided to head back to the Haraldson Family Brewpub for a pint. Because everyone that went now owns a dog Tom and Becca and Greg and Katie both decided to stop by their respective homes and pick up their dogs so that they could get a little romping in at our place.  I should note that Andy also joined us after he got off work.

The dogs were all going at it pretty good so I decided to get out my camera and take a few photos.


Who wants to do a triathlon?

Scott and I have been tossing around the idea of participating in the Square Lake sprint next September. If you sign up before Dec. 31, you get in for half-price.

I’m really looking forward for the opportunity to get back in shape and actually use my Life Time membership (now that it’s winter & and the wedding’s over, no more excuses). And I’d actually get Scott out there with me! 🙂