Our wedding slide show

For Christmas Laura and I gave our parents photo albums as well as a DVD slide show of our wedding photographs. I know many of you would also be interested in seeing them so I created a web slide show to view them online.

A big thanks to our friend Blake Darst for photographing our day as well as my Uncle Chuck for taking some photos of the guys and I getting ready.


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what a beautiful couple! it was fun to see your lovely wedding all over again. thanks for sharing.

Uncle Randy

This was a beautiful job well done.Very nice to see all these pictures.You’ve come a long ways Scott and you have pick a very beautiful bride.Laura welcome to the Haraldson family.Have a good life together.

uncle bill

the slideshow was way cool, I loved the railroad bridge photos you two are a cute pair welcome to the family laura !! Scott , make sure you hug her every day and never take her for granted and always keep 2/3rds of your wieght on your elbows

Tom & Lindsay Pihl

I met Tom and Lindsay through my brother and got to know them better while living with Mike Prince and Mark Hrouda in Mike’s house. When they got engaged and asked me to be their wedding photographer I was excited because I already knew that Mike, Mark, Matt Leifeld, and my brother Sam were all going to be in the wedding party as well.

The wedding was absolutely fabulous. It was a balanced mix of the couples laid back style and the over aggressive nature of the wedding planner that came with the church they used:)

Who are all these nerds?

Christmas Party 2006

I believe this is the third year now that Laura and I have hosted a Christmas party at our house. The faces have remained mostly unchanged except this year we were missing Slim and Nel, who had a prior engagement, but were joined by Laura’s brother Kevin and his friend Veronica.

The main attraction of our is the little gift passing (which after watching The Office to much I have dubbed ‘Yankee Swap’). We do a nicer 10-20 dollar gift and then also do a gag gift passing.

We had three beers on tap at the Haraldson Family Brewpub and plenty of good food to go around. Click next page for the rest of the photos.

Ya’ll are so un/professional. Looks like fun!

great party, great photos… thanks haraldsons!


mmmm, nothing like a stool sample for Christmas!


too much fun! we had a great time–thank you!


i look forward to your x-mas party every year-thanks for another fun one!
in that last picture you can see me with my prized enema (and hand cuffs) party gift set…we put this fun duo out at the new years eve party and it was gone in the morning! so who started off the new year cuffed and clean?

Engagement Shoot

Last month Laura and I met up with Matt Leifeld and Katie Lundeen to take their engagement photographs. We spent a bit of time at Pioneer Park in Stillwater and then out to Katie’s parents’ house for a few more in their garden. I’ve know both Matt and Katie since I was a wee lad so I know I’m gonna have an awesome time photographing their upcoming wedding in January. I also look forward to photographing my first wedding in the church that I grew up in.

A weekend at the cabin

This afternoon I was attempting to clean up my virtual desktop seeing as how it has become quite cluttered with lot’s of random photos, folders, downloaded rar files, and who knows what else. One of the folders I cam across was titled “cabin” and inside were a handful of images that I had completely forgotten about and never really edited to show anyone.

Our good friend Nel works at the University of Minnesota-Morris campus and along with her boyfriend Slim, had invited a few of us up to the general area to enjoy a weekend at a rented cabin this past March. I definitely think we should do something like that again this year.


i’d say that is quite a nice picture, especially considering our condition that final morning. it brings back some nice memories – let’s do that again during spring ’07.


do i not remember much from that weekend because it was almost a year ago or because we were so drunk the whole time? fun pix, scott! i’m excited for this year. where to?