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The planets must have been in alignment as Slim, Andy, and I all found ourselves with a free Friday afternoon to get back out to Theodore Wirth Park. Slim and I having been out for a ride there this past Monday we got to show Andy around for his first visit to the trails. I’ve been burying my nose in my computer for the last few weeks working on a few different weddings so it really felt good to get out again and just clear the brain of anything computer related and just hear the sound of my tires zipping over the dirt trails.

I decided to bring along my point and shoot and it wasn’t long before I realized how much easier it is to take photos with a real camera as the shutter lag on my point and shoot is quite long. Anyway a few photos to share at least!

Serlins Serlins Serlins

Serlins Serlins Serlins Serlins
Serlins Serlins Serlins Serlins
Serlins Serlins Serlins Serlins
samh -

Greg and Scott sure are a couple handsome dudes. Watch out wifes! Although I must say I especially like the two blank photos too.

– Sam

scott -

Yeah they were having power outages at the cafe and the lights kept turning off.

Slim and I made use of a nice chilly Monday afternoon to get out on our bikes at Theodore Wirth Park. Theo Wirth is a trail that is truly unique in that it almost falls in the shadow of downtown Minneapolis. I can’t imagine there are many trails that allow you to hit dirt so close to a major metropolitan area.

The weather was brisk and the first bits of snow we’ve seen this year fell upon us while riding. But the leaf strewn trails were fast and we only saw one other rider the entire time we were there. It was great to be out.

I also made use of my new remote camera trigger and took my first ever self portrait mountain bike shot (see the last image). Of course I set the shutter speed a bit to slow and I ended up with a blurry shot. I’m hoping to go out again on Friday and give it another shot. I’ll try and take some close-ups of my setup as well.
Theodore Wirth Park

Theodore Wirth Park

Theodore Wirth Park

Theodore Wirth Park

samh -

The photos are nice and crisp. Fall is my favorite time of year for running, hiking, biking and the like. It’s just cold enough that you stay very comfortable in these high energy pursuits.

dharma bum -

Nice. The b+w looks really nice during this stark time of year. Good on ya for getting out there and riding in the cold and the first Monday of the “dark months.”

Kris -

Great Pictures! Was the camera on the last one on a tripod or did you have to stick it in a tree?

I met Beth while attending school at Winona State.� She and I held the same position at the university’s communication office as staff photographers.� Beth, though going to school for advertising had a knack for photography and was multi faceted around the office, not only doing photography but also helping with writing and layouts for different projects.

When she contacted me to let me know that Steve had proposed and that she had accepted 🙂 I was thrilled to find out she also wanted Laura and I to be her photographers.� I wasn’t just thrilled because Beth & Steve are a great couple who have a lot of fun but also because I knew she would set up her wedding to be photographically friendly.� She did not disappoint with a game of bocce ball, a ride on a trolley, frolicking through a park, a photo booth and a reception where there was never a lack of people on the dance floor.
We went a little long with the slide show but there were just so many wonderful photos to pick from.

MikeyB:Sunrise is 7:36 AM’ish these days. Park opens @ 5am. This is the only way we will be able to get a “night” ride in at Murphy since the gates close at sunset.
Scott: Are you crazy? Keep me posted.
Pete:I am totally in. Do we drink before? I am confused…

And so it began. Up at 4 a.m with just a few grumbles to Laura as I got out of bed. Loaded the bike and gear and was in the car by 4:20. The forty minute trip to Savage, Mn turned into the one hour forty minute trip as my sense of direction is completely off once I head south of the cities and I couldn’t find the road to the trail head. Arriving at the trail head I meet up with Pete and MikeyB. Get the lights up and running and there is still plenty of darkness as we head off for a ten mile jaunt. The wind chills you to the bone as we all find our groove with only the occasional “branch, bridge, rock!” to break the silence. Three miles in and I’m hurting, my stomach is in knots and I pull over and out goes the blueberry muffin I ate in the car. Much better. Back in the saddle we continue our way along the trail and watch as the sunrises. The last few miles the legs start to complain about the time but they hold out and we make it back to the parking lot for beers and coffee.

Drinks consumed:

Peppermint Schnapps on the trail

One pint of Boddingtons Pub Ale

One bottle New Glarus Totally Naked

One mug of coffee and Irish whisky

samh -

Everything is harder-core when done in the dark.

Nic -

Awesome. I don’t know if I would have been able to stay awake to get there.

dharma bum -