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dharma bum -

Wow! A rare glimpse into the secretive world of Scott’s training regimen!

Last night Pete , Andy, Tom, and I joined up with about twenty plus other beer drinkers from Brew52 to taste the Alt Beer at The Herkimer pub and eatery. I was a bit dissapointed in the alt but did enjoy the kolsch I had immediately after.





Aaron -

Hey, there I am in that 3rd photo! Nice to meet you last night. You’ve been in my RSS reader for a while.

Good beer too.

Seth -

Great to meet up last night, I like the beer in picture 2, too bad my fat head is in the way.

samh -

How does Homer say it? “Mmm, beeeeer.” Yeah, that’s it.

Over on David Trampe’s Hear AND Listen blog Dave was working on a few different water droplet shots. Since I had some time to kill this afternoon I decided to fool around with some water as well.

Water Drop

Note to self, clean glass better before taking photos next time 🙂

David Trampe -

Wow, my favorite color too! The absence of milk doubtless decreases feline traffic that could spoil the shot. Did you use continuous lighting or a flash? I finally re-shot that test with the 50mm, and it’ll be up in the next hour or two. Thanks for the mention!

samh -

Bah. Contrived. ; )

Game night at Jessop and Jen’s.

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gerg -

Nice shots. Looks like you guys had a good time… I’m bummed we missed it.

The much-larger photos are great too.