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I think for most this might be a headache waiting to happen but back in 1998 my college cycling club made some mountain bike videos. My friend Preston dug them out of the abyss and mailed the VHS tapes to me awhile back and today I finally got around to hooking up my ancient VCR to my computer and uploading them to the internet.

samh -

Well, I watched the first eight minutes of it and enjoyed it – – shaky, non-tracking video and all ; )

Preston -

Oh man…I miss Holzinger a lot.

Preston -

I also miss bar ends and limp bizkit

On Sunday Laura and I drove up to Hillside Park in Elk River to photograph PugFest 2008. The race put on by Rich Omdahl, the city of Elk River, and a handful of local sponsors was quite the success. The weather warmed up making for a great day to be out on the snow covered trails.

Over 75 riders turned out to race including 19 of those riding Surly Pugsleys. I took a bunch of photos and I’ll post up a few here. To see the rest visit my flickr account here.

samh -

This looks like it was a very good time. Did you and Laura ride at all?

scott -

We did not but after getting there I think Laura wished she would have brought her new bike and the dogs along. Next time!

samh -

No dogs?!? What a shame!

eric O -

The dude drinking beer out of back of his van has the same bike I had back in the day. First real mtb for me. A Diamond back 4.0. Nice carbon tubes blending into the copper flake lugs. I thought that thing was the bomb


My first attempt at screen printing went pretty well. From what I gathered off the internet I was a little concerned that it wasn’t going to turn out very well so when I saw my finished product I was pretty excited. If you are interested in screen printing I would do some searches for DIY Screen Printing on sites like youtube where some have put up nice video tutorials on how to do it.


My down and dirty quick explanation.


  1. Get a screen
  2. Make a black and white image and then have that made into a transparency at Kinkos (have them make two so you can double it up to get the blacks even darker).
  3. Coat your screen (in a somewhat dark room) with screen printing photo emulsion (available at most good art stores).
  4. Allow emulsion to dry for an hour
  5. Place transparency on screen (have image backwards so that if you were to flip the screen you would see the image properly).
  6. Set screen under a 150 watt light bulb for an hour.
  7. Take screen into the shower with you and hold screen up to the showerhead. This will wash out all the parts of your image that were hidden under the black parts of the transparency.
  8. Once again let screen dry.
  9. Put t-shirt over piece of plywood to stretch out the shirt.
  10. Clamp screen to shirt/board.
  11. Run a line of ink across top of screen
  12. Use squeegee to pull ink across screen. I did this three times.
  13. Let shirts dry overnight.
  14. Use iron or bake in the oven for a minute to set the ink.
  15. Wear shirt.
  16. Join Morbid.
Dave -

That’s awesome. What was the rough cost from start to finish?

dharma bum -

Looks really nice! Congrats!

samh -

Dana was trying to learn to screen print a year ago. I think he must’ve just been lazy because he’s pretty smart and should have been able to figure this out too. Looks good, Scott-O.

Quality Bicycle Products yearly industry only open house.

Dave -

Bearded Slim’s got a pretty sweet work environment!

ryan -

This years was my first. Did you score any good freebies?

scott -


Haha yeah it is a pretty cool place. From all the energy saving methods they use, to the sweet work stations, to all the cool stuff they sell. He’s got it pretty good….not to mention he’s so tough he wears flannel shirts while everyone else is wearing their Q shirts 😀


I scored a nice pair of DeFeet socks that have the GrainBelt logo on them but say Brain Melt and then have the frostbike logo as well and also scored a nice winter cap from Crank Brothers. Mix that in with some other misc. stuff and it was a pretty good day. You?

samh -

Trade secrets anyone?

Margherita with sausage, saracene olives and made up D.O.C.

Punch Pizza

Dave -

Ahhh, I just discovered the joys of Punch last week. How long is that implement the dude’s holding?

scott -

I would say it was probably four feet long. I’m gonna hit up a different one tomorrow for lunch as well. They are having a photo contest so I figured I’d enter a few more shots.

jen -

that makes me REALLY hungry…

scott -


Well when are we going for lunch then?

jen -

lunch is never good for me…dinner? J and i have never been there and it’s so close to our house…