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Blythe Bryan -

Beautiful pics!!!!! Gorgeous! Who is the chicken on the tractor? Why aren’t Tina and I in any pics?

Betsy LaCanne Quame -

Awww, I love it!! I’m so sad I missed your big day. You look beautiful Eve!! Xoxo

Lynn Borwege -

love love love!!

Beverly Lower -

Great memories! Beautiful and Fun!

Arleatha Green -

Congratulation! Wishing you a lifetime of love. <3

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Beth E -

Yaaaay!!!! You definitely captured the essence of our little silent screamer.

Laura -


June -

Hadley, I totally agree with your first picture…some days are just like that!

Sarah & Josh got married on a sunny Aug. 2, 2008. We met Josh through mutual friends at Red Bull, and immediately we connected over our mutual love of the energy drink and kickball. Sarah had her hair and makeup done at Spalon Montage in Woodbury. Both Josh and Sarah got ready at hotels near […]

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samh -

Beautiful photos. Congratulations, Sarah & Josh. But, Scott – did you seriously just profess your “love” for Red Bull? Aigh caramba!

Erika McCauley -

These are really great! Love that last photo! 🙂